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Fresh me cool packs sustainably cool

Frisch mich cold packs are gel packs with a paper sleeve that provide active cooling for your goods during transportation and keep your food dry at the same time. The cool packs are filled with a water-based gel and are approved for direct food contact. By actively reducing the temperature, you can keep your products fresh for a particularly long time during shipping, while the paper also absorbs any condensation that forms, ensuring drier shipping. Without additional cooling elements, the temperature would rise directly and constantly during shipping, which is why it is advisable to supplement the passive cooling of insulated packaging with the active cooling performance of our high-quality Frisch mich cold packs.

Fresh me cool packs sustainably cool
Cold packs with an environmentally friendly paper sleeve

Stock range

The Frisch mich cold packs are the perfect addition to boxes, bags or inlays. They ensure your products are always properly chilled. Do you have any questions? Our experts will be happy to help you.

Interesting facts at a glance

  • The Frisch mich cool packs are wrapped in an environmentally friendly paper sleeve, making them a sustainable cooling alternative.
  • These Frisch mich cold packs provide active cooling during transportation, which keeps the products fresh for longer periods, specifically over 48 hours.
  • The Frisch mich cool packs are designed for multiple uses and can simply be disposed of with household waste at the end of their useful life.
  • The Frisch mich cold packs contain a water-based gel that is approved for direct contact with food, effectively reduces the temperature and absorbs condensation.
  • The Frisch mich cold packs are a perfect addition to ecological refrigerated packaging as they support passive cooling and ensure fresh transportation.
  • Compared to conventional cooling elements, the Frisch mich cold packs produce less soiling.
  • The paper sleeve of the Frisch mich cold packs can be individually printed to convey an environmentally friendly image and enhance the marketing effect.
  • Before use, the Frisch mich cold packs must be placed in the freezer for approx. three days at a temperature of at least -18 °C in order to freeze the gel properly, but even shorter times are sufficient for good cooling performance.
  • It is best to place the ice packs in their original carton in the freezer compartment or freezer so that they do not kink and are not damaged during freezing.
  • The range offers a variety of sizes and weights to suit individual requirements, with larger and heavier cool packs keeping things cooler for longer.
  • The Frisch mich cold packs are designed to significantly increase the cooling capacity of insulated packaging and therefore keep products cool and fresh for even longer.

Fresh me cold packs: cold for longer

Thanks to their kraft paper wrapping and the water-based gel responsible for the cooling, our ecological Frisch mich cool packs are not only easy to dispose of with household waste, they also produce less contamination than conventional cooling elements and can be reused several times. Despite the sustainable components, they have the same performance as other gel packs. In addition, the sustainable cool packs convey an environmentally friendly image when your customers see that they have not only received fresh products, but that they have also been sustainably packaged and cooled. With individual printing on the Frisch mich cool packs, you can also personalize them and thus achieve an even better marketing effect.

In combination with the Frisch mich cold packs, insulated packaging works like a refrigerator. Each cabinet has an efficient insulating layer and this prevents food or drinks, for example, from heating up quickly. However, if no electricity is connected, the temperature in the fridge rises constantly. As soon as electricity is connected, the temperature is actively cooled down and ensures that food is kept fresh for several days thanks to active cooling. Our cooling elements also ensure the same effect. As soon as our Frisch mich cold packs are placed in the insulated packaging, the temperature is significantly reduced and this is what makes fresh shipping for 48 hours possible in the first place.

Flexible use

Before use, the Frisch mich cooling battery must first be placed in the freezer compartment for around 3 days for maximum performance so that the gel can freeze through properly. However, even less time is sufficient to achieve a certain cooling capacity. After that, the possible uses are unlimited! The environmentally friendly cold packs can be easily combined with our other products. The possible shipping time of the Frisch mich Box and the Frisch mich bag can be increased without any problems with the help of our actively cooling cold packs, so that your products stay fresh even longer. The cool packs are also a good addition to our fresh me inlays and form the perfect sustainable freshness duo. However, they can also be used independently of our products in all areas to actively cool your food.

Thanks to our large selection of different sizes and weights, we are guaranteed to have the right dimensions for your individual requirements. Larger and heavier cold packs last longer as the cold escapes more slowly. Smaller packs have the advantage that they can be used more flexibly. In general, a number of Frisch mich cold packs should be used for cooling that corresponds to around 20 % of the total weight of the goods to be cooled.

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