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Fresh me bag certainly cool and practical

The Frisch mich bag is perfect for packing chilled goods in a space-saving, secure and insulated way. The insulated bag ensures that chilled or frozen goods are well chilled during transportation. It can maintain temperatures of just above 0 °C for over 48 hours, guaranteeing a fresh product on arrival. This is ensured by the soft cellulose layers, which not only have an insulating effect, but also provide effective protection against knocks and absorb the moisture that always occurs during refrigerated shipping. This means that no additional padding material is required.

The Frisch mich bag can simply be sealed with adhesive tape and flexibly sized to fit in almost any transport carton, even together with other goods. It is the ideal packaging solution for safe and dry refrigerated shipping.

Fresh me bag certainly cool and practical
Approved for direct contact with food

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With our cool insulation solution, we would like to help you ship your goods safely and sustainably. Our team of experts will be happy to advise you.

Interesting facts at a glance

  • The Frisch mich bag guarantees fresh shipping at a temperature of 0 °C to 8 °C for over 48 hours.
  • Thanks to its soft cellulose layer, the Frisch mich bag not only cools effectively, but also absorbs shocks and condensation, thus protecting the products. No additional padding material is required.
  • Not only is the Frisch mich bag reusable, it is also recyclable. It conserves resources and reduces waste.
  • The Frisch mich bag is flexible and adapts to your transport boxes. It can also be individually printed or colored.
  • We get a lot of Frisch mich bags in one outer carton and on one pallet, as there is virtually no air circulation packaging. This is exactly how you can reduce your shipping packages and transportation costs.
  • From food to drinks and paint cans, the Frisch mich bag is suitable for the refrigerated shipping of temperature-sensitive food and everything that needs to be fresh. It is also approved for direct contact with food.

Fresh me bag: versatile

The Frisch mich bag can also be used in many other areas in addition to its main area of application, the refrigerated shipping of food. The bag is also perfect for shipping other temperature-sensitive goods such as cans of paint or varnish. Unwrapped foodstuffs such as fresh fruit and vegetables can also be sent in the bag without any concerns, as it is approved for direct food contact.

The Frisch mich bag is particularly suitable if not only chilled products are to be sent in a shipping box. For example, if a glass bottle filled with liquid is to be enclosed directly in the chilled parcel, it could burst if frozen cooling elements are used. With the Frisch mich bag, you simply pack the products to be cooled into the insulated bag and can use the remaining space in your box for other products or brochures, for example. These then do not come into direct contact with the refrigerated compartment and at the same time the outer carton is well padded by the insulated bag.

Creative application possibilities

Thanks to its high degree of flexibility, there are no limits to this insulating solution. For example, the Frisch mich bag can be used as a practical cooler bag for a visit to the beach to keep drinks cold, while others use it as a laptop bag thanks to its soft material and impact resistance.

Environmentally friendly and reusable

The sustainable Frisch mich bag consists of over 95% cellulose, or paper, and is therefore not only resource-saving, but also ideal for the recycling loop. It is therefore recyclable and can even be composted once the fleece cover has been removed. The bag is also reusable, thus avoiding waste.

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